The Ultimate Fitness Equipment

Training Wall® is a revolutionary fitness and training equipment that simultaneously exercises both upper and lower body. Training Wall® demands coordination and balance in its use, thereby stimulating the activation of the stabilising muscles of the back and abdomen. Activation of these core muscles will help to maintain proper body alignment at all times, but unlike other training systems, the work out occurs in a state of decompression of the spine’s joints due to its permanent traction of the upper limb.


The real beauty of Training Wall® lies in its space-saving design. Essentially, any facility can have the wall-mounted panels and you can decide on how big or small you would like your station to be.


Training Wall® is the newest training system that allows us perform strength and postural control exercises as you have never done before.

Choose what’s best for you

Configure your training zone starting with the selection of panels.
Regardless of whether you use panels with grips, without grips or for storage, you will always have the anchor system available to swap all the available Tools.

Build your custom


Configure the tools and solutions that best meet your training needs or space.

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