Training Wall

Why Training Wall?

360° Degrees  Benefits


Member has a new and funny stimulus for his training session in an attractive machine.

Facility Management

Managers can make the most of available space. No hidden costs due to space wasted for huge machines suitable only for one type of training.


Trainers have a partner in Training Wall. Full creativity for the sessions with their clients. Suitable for personal trainer studios.

What’s behind Training Wall?

Full functional in ZEROm2


Build as required

Training Wall® is designed for as many panels as required to be installed. From a column of just 2 to many Which can be connected together to perform group activities. In addition it allows different personal trainers to work at the same time or to leave differents Tools permanently placed for widespread use.


Learn what you need

Training Wall® Training Wall® places considerable importance on the education of the Trainers and members of a club. For this, there is a YouTube® channel with different exercises classified according to muscle group, training sets , Tools used, etc…

Visit Youtube Channel

Easy Installation

It only takes a few minutes

To install Training Wall® is provided with a template to make the installation easier and ensure the panels are perfectly fitted with the appropriate separation between them. Hence Training Wall® is easy to install and provides a high quality finish.

Quick Release Anchor

Solid and easy to use

The quick release anchor of the Training Wall® allows a fast change of the differents availables Tools, giving a strong attachment and security. They are built in stainless steel of 4mm thick and a pin prevents any misplacement by the user.



Choose the color to suit you. Feel inspired to give your best!


Ready to use

Safety first! Training Wall® is EN- 913 and EN- 12346 approved, tested through Applus Laboratories


Build your custom


Configure the tools and solutions that best meets your training needs or space.