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“Keep fit while travelling”

It’s not only for Fitness Addicts but for any guests wanting to stay in shape while they travel. After long flights, meetings or waiting in airports guests can do mobility and stretching exercises which will improve sleep patterns, contribute to a better quality of life, help to maintain good training habits and make staying away from home more pleasant.

The innovative and functional design of Training Wall allows for the creation of a complete training area within the hotel room (“fitness room“). By using only a small area of the room the hotel is able to offer its customers a new world of possibilities that gives added value to the business.

Thanks to Its interchangeable accessories, guests are able to perform a wide range of exercises, from calisthenics to resistance exercises with rubber bands and high intensity body control, etc. In addition specific Training Wall programs can be followed by guests using the Training Wall videos.

Find your Fitness Room

Training Wall is modular and fully able to adapt to whatever space is available.

6 m² area

For rooms that have more space and want to gave their guests a full range of options. This option has four Wall Unit panels and one Training Point.

4 m² area

Very efficient option with which will enable guests to undertake most of the Training Wall exercises. This option has two Wall Unit panels and one Training Point.

2 m² area

A compact option, for rooms that want simplicity. This option has two Wall Unit panels.

2 m² area

When there is no wall available this option allows for a great variety of exercises to be carried out. It has one Training Point.

– It’s versatility allows for varied training session.

– It’s design allows for its integration within carefully designed environments.

– Its size allows it to be installed into small spaces such as hotel rooms.

Training Wall is a concept that allows us to train vertically working both upper and lower body simultaneously in a coordinated and balanced way. This implies development of strong stabilising core muscles to maintain correct body alignment at all times, but unlike other training systems Training Wall works  in decompression and not compression due to the permanent traction of the upper body.

The training wall training system offers 100% functional work since from the soul of the feet to the palm of the hand, through forearms, spinal stabilisers, abdominal muscles, hip muscles, buttocks, etc. muscles are activated in perfect harmony in order to achieve the exercise satisfactorily.

An ideal choice for hotel guests

WorkOut n8 Cross Training

HIIT with Tools

WorkOut de Balance Training

Training to improve core strength and stability


Yoga training with Training Wall

Fighting Sports

Example of workout with Training Wall for fighters

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