Wall Unit

A powerful concept. It is fully functional

The Wall Unit is the core panel of the TrainingWall® system. It is designed to perform body control exercises on it and is perfect for core training and rehabilitation.
Moreover, like all the panels of the system, its reinforcement metal frame placed behind the panel makes it a really solid structure where to attach all the tools or accessories that the Training Wall system has. We have developed a quick-release anchor, to make easy and safe the exchange of tools during training or during the differents options of use.
It is manufactured under high-quality standards and using very strong materials, with anchors and other parts in stainless steel, aluminum parts, very long-lasting and hygienic handles, and wood panels lacquered in a high finish that can be customized.


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Elegant, space-saving design
23mm thick solid premium hardwood panel
Unlimited opportunities for training
4 mm thick stainless steel quick-release anchor points for swift changes in exercise and secure
positioning of tool pins
Interchangeable panels and tools
Custom panel colours and finishes, and vinyl wrapping available upon request

Create the lever to set the intensity

Modify the intensity by moving the position of the feets and hands to create the proper stimulus