Wall Anchor – Outdoor

It is fully functional, also outdoor

The Wall Anchor is the smallest expression of the Training Wall System. Its reduced measures and manufactured process makes it a good solution to be used outdoor. Install it in the out wall of your training facility, or out in the garden of your home. Attach tools with one or two anchor points. Is not compatible with the tools of four anchor points. Improve the performance by taking out your training tools, and training in the athletics track or training field.

Also for its compact dimensions can be placed indoor to be used as an anchor point.

As with all the Training Wall panels, the Wall Anchor has a rear-frame of metal as reinforcement which gives it a very solid feeling and long-lasting use.


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Elegant, space-saving design
Panel manufactured to be installed outdoor
Unlimited opportunities for training
4 mm thick stainless steel quick-release anchor points for a quick and safe change of tools

Compact meausres and for outdoor

This small panel is ideal for outdoor use. Its panel prepared for humid environments, stainless steel hardware, and its frame covered with the best quality makes this panel an ideal option for the outdoor area of your sports center or home.