Rebound Panel

The integrated target for explosive ball training

The Rebound Panel with an integrated target is an exciting and original addition to Training Wall®, designed for use with slam balls and leather balls. Slamball exercises are hugely beneficial for working the core muscles and improving speed and agility. They are also excellent for developing explosive power. All professional athletes strive for this, but it is just as important for the amateur athlete to develop this skill to achieve optimal performance.

Ball training enhances hand-eye coordination and is ideal for use in rehabilitation from an injury or surgery, particularly that of spinal, shoulder and knee injuries. A light-weight ball can be employed early on, and then a heavier one as the recovery process progresses.

Its wide surface of 1m2  makes possible to make throwings in a safe way.

Also, it is equipped with the Training Wall stainless-steel anchor plates to be used with all the range of products.


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Elegant, space-saving design
Reinforced with a rear frame
23mm thick solid premium hardwood panel
4 mm thick stainless steel quick-release anchor points for swift changes in exercise and secure positioning of tool pins
Interchangeable panels and tools
Custom panel colors and finishes, and vinyl wrapping available upon request

Rebound Panel Exercises