Peg Panel

Functional, challenging and ready for all levels of performance

The Training Wall® Peg Board, manufactured in solid premium hardwood, provides a thrilling challenge for climbing with sticks. Pegboard climbing develops the upper-body to give a strong physical workout to the muscles in the arms, shoulders, forearms, hands, upper body and core. Unlike rock climbing, there are no preset points of contact on a pegboard. It, therefore, allows much more freedom of movement and can help to develop back muscles that are not addressed by traditional pull-ups and rock climbing.

The Peg Panel will push you to a very challenging activity. You can make it easier by installing it above a Wall Unit Panel to use the feet or even to perform Training Wall Movements.

With the stainless-steel anchors you can easily attach the Training Wall tool you need for a complete training session. With the reinforcement of the rear frame, and adding the tool needed, you have endless options with this peg panel.


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Elegant, space-saving design
Reinforced with a rear frame
Solid premium hardwood panel covered by a layer for lasting use
4 mm thick stainless steel quick-release anchor points for swift changes in exercise and secure positioning of tool pins
Interchangeable panels and tools
Custom panel colours and finishes, and vinyl wrapping available upon request

Create the lever to set the intensity

Modify the intensity by moving the position of the feet and hands to create the proper stimulus