SpinWall Plate

SpinWall Plate

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Functional Plate for the inertial systems of SpinWall

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The functional plate is designed to be used with the inertial systems of Training Wall. Using the SpinWall or SpinWall Compact and the Functional Pulley you can add thousands of exercises and versatility to the training without the need to buy more machines.

The plate is made with aluminium and stainless steel, so it’s ready for outdoor use.

Also is equipped with anchor points for elastics in order to add more versatility when not using the SpinWall family.

The SpinWall Plate is light, so you can move it easily, but you can overload it on the lateral flaps with kettlebells, plates, or dumbells to make it more stable and attached to the ground when performing high power exercises. This way the plate remains stable while keeping all the surface free in order to be able to perform the maximum options of exercises.



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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 × 84 × 45 cm