Pack Functional The Column


Pack Functional The Column

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Full training station (360 degrees) for a complete training with inertial device

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Create your training corner with this complete setting that includes anchor for a punching bag, Chin Up Bar, Dip Bar, Hooks, Cardan, Rope Puller, and inertial training with the SpinWall Compact. A truly complete training set of reduced dimensions and that allows me to carry out very complete and high-quality workouts.



composed of


    • The Column    –    (product information page)
    • SpinWall Compact    –    (product information page)
    • The Cardan    –    (product information page)
    • Rope Puller    –    (product information page)
    • 2 x Hook    –    (product information page)
    • Chin Up Bar    –    (product information page)
    • Dip Bar    –    (product information page)
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Weight 230 kg