Yoga using the Training Wall method

In recent years the number of people doing yoga has increased exponentially. According to an ACSM Worldwide Survey of Fitness data yoga is currently the eighth most popular fitness trend. The International Yoga Federation says that more than 300 million people practice it around the world. However, not only is yoga popular but a recent report from Ipsos Public Affair, says that yoga generates more than 30 billion dollars a year, of which 16 billion are concentrated in the United States. In Spain, a recent study by (through the Sondea Institute), on the practice of yoga reveals that 28.9% of the Spanish population practice or have practiced this discipline in their lifetime, with stress reduction most frequently cited as the main reason for its practice.

There is a great deal of scientific evidence that points to the benefits of practicing yoga. Its positive effects include improving joint flexibility and mobility, increasing muscle toning, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, improving body posture and breathing, aiding relaxation, augmenting mental performance, benefitting the psychological well-being of healthy people, as well as stress and anxiety reduction.

Yoga sessions

Yoga sessions are based on the physical, mental and meditative practices originating in India. One of its goals is to find the balance and the union between the soul, the body and the mind to reduce a person’s stress and elevate their physical condition.

A yoga session is divided into several parts involving the following practices: Asanas (postures), which develop flexibility and strength; Pranayama (breathing exercises), leading to concentration of mind; Relaxation, the process of physical and mental stillness, abstracting any external stimulus, and Meditation, which is the culmination of all previous actions in order to quiet the mind.

Yoga and Functional Training

The foundation of a good physical preparation and a healthy body comes from performing a variety of sporting activities and not just one in particular. Training Wall is designed to bring together different disciplines into a comprehensive training programme.

The combination of yoga and functional training brings great benefits. For example, the muscle strain caused by training, makes yoga practice a perfect complement for athletes. For this reason, many centers offer yoga sessions, as an accompaniment to different physical exercises. This combination improves body posture, balance, flexibility, breathing, concentration, and injury prevention.

That is why Training Wall, the revolutionary method of functional training, proposes a yoga session


In this session the practice of Yoga is combined with that of functional training, with the aim of strengthening and improving the strength of the body.

The Training Wall method allows the practice of yoga in a correct way, thanks to its system of grips that allow adaptation of the postures according to the level of the practitioner. In addition, the grips can facilitate progression, and can serve to increase the degree of difficulty. Moreover, there are different tools available to further increase the range of possibilities. Finally, Training Wall offers specific accessories for the perfect practice of this discipline.

Thanks to its versatility, Training Wall offers a training system adaptable to any space.  It’s modular construction has been developed to facilitate all types of physical training, from mind-body, to higher intensity workout sessions. In addition, thanks to its innovative design, Training Wall training panels can meet all needs in « zero » square meters. This allows the design of spaces for multidisciplinary use, such as guided activity rooms, personal training centers, physiotherapy clinics or rehabilitation centers.