Training Wall Wall-mounted training station
A training station to attach the TrainingWall accessories
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Wall Station

The Wall Station is your simplest module for exchange the tools

Training Wall® is always working to provide solutions for its facilities and trainers to help them to achieve their potential. We understand that most fitness facilities face the challenge of having limited space and keeping that space tidy and safe. The Wall Station Panel is the perfect blank canvas for your Performance Tools, and for storing your functional training accessories, due it is equipped with the Training Wall stainless-steel anchor plates, which can be used with all the range of products.

Moreover, like all the panels of the system, its reinforcement metal frame placed behind the panel makes it a really solid structure where to attach all the tools or accessories that the Training Wall system has. We have developed a quick-release anchor, to make easy and safe the exchange of tools during training or during the differents options of use.



Elegant, space-saving design
Reinforced with a rear frame
23mm thick solid premium hardwood panel
4 mm thick stainless steel quick-release anchor points for swift changes in exercise and secure positioning of tool pins
Interchangeable panels and tools
Custom panel colors and finishes, and vinyl wrapping available upon request