Training Wall - The most compact and versatile functional structure
Do you want a complete functional structure but you don't have space? The Column is the TrainingWall system solution that offers you possibilities like no other on the market
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The Column

The Column is the functional Training Wall station that will allow you to perform the widest range of exercises thanks to the Training Wall´s Tools

True to the Training Wall® concept, maximizing space, functionality, and usage options, we developed The Column, a training station that allows training in its 360 degrees, allowing classes with up to 8 people. Is not wall-mounted. Create your spot focusing on boxing, functional, or performance aspects using the wide range of tools available. Change them, add new ones, suit it to the proper height, and start training. It’s very solid structure is long-lasting for heavy use and is manufactured under the high-quality standards of Training Wall creating a piece of equipment that you will love it.



Up to 8 people training around it
Elegant, space-saving design
Superb opportunities for dynamic small group training
Interchangeable performance and storage tools
High-quality standards

Very easy installation

Endless Possibilities

Set the Tools and run the session around The Column Up to 8 people training together, enjoying together, improving together!!! Also for individual use with a lot of possibilities.