Training Wall Functional wall Disc Storage
Wall Dis Storage that also is a training station wall-mounted
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Disc Storage Panel

Store your Olympic weight plates and Olympic Bar with the Disc Storage Panel

Store the weight plates with security on these panels that keep the training area clean and functional. With four storage points per panel, weights can be accessed quickly. The Plate Storage features 4 Olympic weight storage pins with the capacity to hold either 4 x 10 kg, 3 x 15 kg,  3 x 20 kg plates, or 2 x 25 kg. A Training Wall® Bar holder can be added to the panel’s center anchor to sore a 50 mm Olympic Bar or to be used as a training point with the Rope Puller, Cardan, Hooks, etc…

Also, it is equipped with the Training Wall stainless-steel anchor plates to be used with all the range of products.



Elegant, space-saving design
Reinforced with a rear frame
23mm thick solid premium hardwood panel
2 extra anchors for attaching the Bar Holder between the discs
4 mm thick stainless steel quick-release anchor points for a quick and safe change of tools
Custom panel colors and finishes, and vinyl wrapping available upon request