The TeamMate allows you to take the Training Wall system outside.

The TeamMate allows you to take the Training Wall system outside.

At Training Wall® we seek maximum functionality so that coaches can develop their full potential with their athletes. That is why we always develop accessories that are functional, modular, and have the versatility that different athletes may need in their different training phases. Our goal is to create high-quality multipurpose training elements that meet the highest demands from a sports training point of view.
Following this idea, we have developed the TeamMate, a portable structure to which some of the elements of the Training Wall® system can be attached in order to carry and use them in the desired area. It is not a mere trolley with wheels to transport material, but it is a complete, totally portable, and versatile training station.


But why have we done it?

There are two areas of application that can mainly benefit from this equipment:
– On the one hand, football clubs, hockey clubs, rugby clubs, athletics clubs, tennis clubs, etc.… in short, sports clubs that have a pitch or tracks where the competition takes place and that they need to do certain specific workouts in the exact place where players need to perform at their best.
– On the other hand, personal or group trainers who work abroad with their clients.


Sport clubs

In the former case of sports clubs, transfer training on the playing field itself poses certain problems.
– On the one hand, it is difficult to take certain material outside and it is not always possible to have material that withstands the elements.
– Depending on the areas, we cannot install a gym outside, simply because the regulations do not allow it, or because there are no areas that can be enabled for it.
– On the other hand, the organization of training with the different players or athletes makes a single point or zone impractical. Sometimes it is necessary to have different groups of athletes according to their characteristics, each with its training area.
Thanks to the TeamMate, we can take from within the club’s facilities, various accessories of Training Wall® and other more general ones such as rubber bands, discs, dumbbells, kettlebells to the field or to the track in the exact place where we want to organize the training.


Personal trainers

In the second case, personal trainers can set up real sessions for their clients as if they were in a gym.
The trend to train outdoors even before the pandemic was a growing trend. It was increasingly common to see a group or individual training sessions led by personal trainers in public areas such as parks or beaches. The pandemic has greatly accelerated this trend, being very common to see groups of people doing training sessions led by an independent physical trainer.
The problem posed by this type of training is precisely the lack of material that is sometimes limited to elastic bands. On other occasions, the lack of material is replaced by occupying public facilities with the consequent annoyance for users who are not in that class and even for other coaches, who see how they must modify their session because the place they expected to allocate for their session is already occupied by another coach.
A good coach can achieve very good results using only body weight, but sometimes the client perceives the material lack as a lack of their training sessions and ends up abandoning these workouts because they feel stagnant or with less progress than they would like.
With the TeamMate, the trainer can create a true training zone for both individual and group training sessions of up to 10 people training all at the same time with this equipment, providing much more variation to the sessions, more specificity and a greater progression, increasing the loyalty of their customers. In addition, not having to organize to see which spaces are free, while offering a more professional service to its clients.


The TeamMate

The TeamMate consists of a cube, with Training Wall® anchors on its four sides, based on a really solid structure, prepared to remain stable during use and large wheels that allow the entire set to be transported easily despite being loaded with a lot of weight even in areas with small stones, dirt or grass.
The currently available accessories for the TeamMate are the Cardan, Rope Puller, Hook (despite having fixed hooks), Dumbbell Rack, and especially the SpinWall Compact.


Group inertial training with TeamMate and SpinWall Compact

Due to its design, the TeamMate allows to house 4 inertial SpinWall Compact machines, to be transported comfortably, but, above all, without the need to anchor the structure anywhere, they allow all 4 to be used simultaneously with all the guarantees that the TeamMate it will remain stable. In addition, as part of the Training Wall® system, if you have panels in the training center, you can attach all the accessories and the SpinWall Compact inertial machines to the panels and continue training in the center without having to double the investment by not having to buy new machines for the center and for outdoor training.


With TeamMate the possibilities that a coach can offer to their athletes and clients are expanded.