The Column is the most functional and versatile structure with the smallest space

The Column is the most functional and versatile structure with the smallest space

Training Wall® is characterized by being the most functional and versatile equipment of reduced dimensions that places special emphasis on the quality of finishes and robustness of its equipment.
All these characteristics are key for those professionals, trainers, or sports clubs that seek to offer quality services to their subscribers or their patients in the case of physical therapy services.
True to the Training Wall® philosophy, “The Column” is a functional structure, 100% compatible with all the accessories already in the system, and that can be used in its 360 degrees, allowing classes to be carried out with small groups or for 4 users are using it independently.
However, as it is configurable by the user, there is the possibility that it can only be used on four sides, three sides, two or only one, modifying the cost in the same way. On many occasions The Column is installed close to the wall, so only one side is equipped with anchors. In the same way, depending on the use to which it is going to be subjected, it may not be necessary to install the support for a punching bag. The client will have a functional structure that adapts as much as possible to their needs.


« Functionality, versatility and quality are essential elements of the Training Wall® system »


The Column is made up of 4 panels with various anchors, allowing us to regulate the height of the accessories we want to put on. In addition, on the sides we also have more anchors to complete the functionality of the system.

For the development of this new element, much emphasis has been placed on the solidity of the structure, with the aim that you can comfortably train on either side without the wobble suffered by structures made with a single post.

Currently the Training Wall® system has more than 30 elements that can be combined with each other, in this way we can organize our Column for functional training, boxing training, rehabilitation…. etc…. the possibilities are really very wide.




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