Hotel wellness rooms, the latest Market trend

Fitness is a habit, and the arrival of summer does not mean we have to cut back on our workouts. Nor should we do activity and sports tourism without being prepared and we don’t have to allow vacation travel, to interrupt our fitness routine. Sport moves masses, as evidenced by data from the National Statistical Plan, which indicates that in 2016 4.7% of total trips made by residents in our country for leisure, recreation or vacation were inspired by a desire to do sport. In addition, a recent study by Amex, Hilton and Skift, notes that 22.7% of business travellers admit to performing the same exercises as at home. 22.8% acknowledge that it depends in part on the sports services offered by the hotel, and 12.6% say that the gym is the most important factor when choosing an establishment.

Calisthenic Exercises

In this sense calisthenics exercises or those exercises which use our own body weight are a perfect ally when we are traveling, but are not easy to do correctly due to their complexity and specific body control requirements. In addition, not all hotels have a gym, or one that is adequately equipped to allow us to continue our fitness program. The latest trend in the market, are Wellness rooms. The innovative and functional design of Training Wall allows a complete training area to be created within a hotel room that is equipped with this method. With the use of a small area of ​​the room, the hotel can offer its clients a new world of possibilities that adds value to the business.

Habitación Wellness con Training Wall

Thanks to its interchangeable accessories, the hotel can offer its guests a wide range of exercise opportunities, including, calisthenics, high intensity training exercises using rubber resistance bands, body control, etc. In addition, guests can follow the Training Wall program, with free Youtube videos.


Training Wall- Wellness

This service is growing and will become very common in the near future, not only for fitness addicts, but for all those guests who travel for work reasons, as they can perform mobility and stretching exercises after a long day of airplanes, airports and meetings, which will improve their rest, quality of life, and prepare them to better face their stays away from home. The Training Wall methodology is ideal for this type of training, since it offers a 100% functional workout, with both upper and lower body exercises.

Training Wall Wellness

Wellness has become a trend in fitness and is an element of our daily life that we need not abandon when on vacation or when we travel for work. That is why, when we move to another place, we hope to find a hotel that will make it easy for us to continue to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.