Compact Wall Station an indoor / outdoor panel

Compact Wall Station an indoor / outdoor panel

With the idea of ​​combining the modularity, versatility and space-saving characteristics of the Training Wall system and the need to expand the training areas of sports clubs and training centers, we have launched a reduced and compact version that is prepared for your use. outdoor use.
Many sports centers have outdoor areas that cannot have the maximum because they cannot install equipment. With our quick release system, the exterior panels are installed outdoors and we can carry the tools or accessories we need, anchor ourselves in complete safety, and carry out complete training with the full range of accessories we have.
At other times, more than a matter of profitability of spaces is a matter of training requirement. Thus, high-performance sports clubs in soccer, rugby, or athletics centers need to make technical gestures and movements with material on the field or on the running track to combine with other exercises. Thanks to this solution, it is easy, for example, to take the SpinWall to the field to do inertial training and combine it with technical gestures or other elements.

We believe it can be a very attractive solution for both performance centers and fitness clubs. The “home fitness” sector can also benefit from this panel since with very little wall we have many options for use.

As standard, the Training Wall panels already have stainless steel elements and finishes that make them very resistant to changes due to use and environmental conditions, but for this model, a phenolic panel has also been chosen, making it highly resistant. outdoors and stainless steel hardware.
The dimensions of the panel have been limited to the minimum necessary to maintain the anchors. In this way, we expand possible areas of use or modifications that aim to have a minor role. Unlike the usual sized Wall Station panel, this is designed to be installed independently.

In the case of indoor use, where such a phenolic panel is not necessary, the Wall Station Compact panel can be customized like all the other panels in the system.


What tools or accessories can we use?

It is compatible with the tools of the Training Wall range, so from the beginning, it has almost 30 elements available, in addition to new ones that are coming and with which

In addition, with its online Academy, you can expand your possibilities and with its wide variety of tools or accessories to ensure that you always need what you need, no more and no less.


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