How to equip a fully functional gym in your house

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How to equip a fully functional gym in your house

The needs of sports and exercise lovers are increasing. The great variety of sports practices and different types of training means that each « discipline » must be complemented by its corresponding equipment, whether they are free weights, suspension elements, bicycle rollers, other cardio equipment such as paddles, climbing elements, simulators, etc.

Due to this specialization, sports centres have significantly increased their offer, both within the same centre, as well as the different types of centres that have appeared in recent years.

However, more and more people decide to equip the gym at home and therefore we detail some elements to consider.


Why do I need a gym in my own home?

The first question, although it seems obvious, is knowing what drives us to equip ourselves in our home. The current situation due to COVID-19, has forced us to look for alternatives that we would not normally need, and that is, in this matter in question certain purchases that we had planned have accelerated, but, when this situation is over, what use will we make from the gym?

If the excuse is lack of time, let us analyse it well before. Sports centres offer exceptionally long hours, appreciate that it is not a matter of lack of motivation to carry out this activity before making an investment that you are probably not going to use.

We must also pay attention to the type of training that we want to carry out. Certain very demanding and motivating activities cease to be when practicing them at home, either by doing it alone or by the setting that a gym provides us.


What should I keep in mind when planning my gym?

There are several important factors. Let us list some:

  • Do I have space? For many athletes, the idea of having a fully equipped room or garage is a dream. However, it is not usual to have such space, especially if we live in urban areas where homes have smaller dimensions. Therefore, having certain elements such as bars, certain structures, etc., may not be the best solution, as well as dangerous if we do not have the safe space around.

The most common thing is that we do not have any space or room exclusively destined and that our training area is the dining room or some room to which we give it multipurpose use, but in which we cannot leave anything in the middle of the space in a fixed way.


  • What type of training will I carry out? It will be strength training, cardiovascular, stretching, yoga, etc. Putting certain equipment limits the possibilities of use for other people in our family or for possible different training that we want to do at another time. On the other hand, it is very common that our favourite sports practice is an outdoor sport and that we use the gym as a complement to perform some specific exercises.


  • Am I a member of a sports centre? If I combine my home gym with a subscription to a sports centre, I must equip myself with things that add to my training plan, but not try to replicate what I use in the sports club.



  • What other members of my family are going to use the gym? When equipping a home gym, we must think not only about our workouts but also about those that the other family members will carry out, including the little ones. A gym may have some features of a play area that make us take more advantage of that space and that it does not become obsolete.

If we put all these elements together; the versatility to be used by different family members, the functionality to do different types of training, not taking up space and also having an attractive design that fits in a home without thinking that we live in the middle of the weight room of a gym, the equipment options are greatly reduced. Even more so if what we are looking for is a piece of high-quality equipment.

Training Wall® fits all these features into equipment used by fitness centres, sports clubs, personal trainers, and physical therapists around the world.

In addition, with its online Academy, you can expand your possibilities and with its wide variety of tools or accessories, you will ensure that you always have what you need, no more and no less.


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