The TeamMate that any coach needs

Training Wall is versatility and functionality. Following our leitmotiv, we have developed a fully portable device where attach some of the most important tools that a trainer could need. Put the load plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, and the Training Wall accessories like the Cardan, Rope Puller, or the powerful SpinWall Compact, and take it to the outdoors training field.


If you are a soccer coach, rugby coach, football coach, athletic trainer, take the TeamMate and go to train to the training field.
If you are a personal or group trainer, load this to the car, go to the beach or to the park and give the best to your clients.


In the TeamMate you can add up to four inertial machines at the same time, move it even when the surface is not flat, and thanks to its design, you can carry a lot of weight easily.


The TeamMate is a really strong build, and its wheels allow easy transportation.

25 kg

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Totally portable and usable without the need to be anchored
Bigger wheels that allow easy transportation outdoors
Able to place up to four inertial machines (SpinWall Compact)
Up to 8 people training at the same time. Even 10 when using the eye-loops with elastics.
Usable as a plyo-box for jumps

Endless possibilities

Attach up to four SpinWall Compact or other accessories in a fully portable and functional device that no need to be anchored to any place