Climbing Panel

Climbing Panel of TrainingWall

More options with this climbing panel

Training Wall® system is professional equipment ready also for home use. With this panel, you can enlarge the range of options that the system provides you. From schools to home gyms that want to give solutions to all the members. Moreover, its panel lacquered in black slate makes the possible drawing with chalk and makes it for fun for the kids.

This panel is equipped with the rear frame that gives extra reinforcement and its Training Wall anchors make possible to attach all the Training Wall Tools.

It has 21 holes for the holds and you can order with or without holds.


43mm + holds

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Panel lacquered in black slate

21 holes for the climbing holds

23mm DM wood

High-quality standards

Elegant, space-saving design

Training Wall® anchors for attaching all the Tools

Options of configurations like no other

In Training Wall we work to provide our customers with the most appealing solution for fitness. No matter if you are in the gym, in your home, in the hotel... we want to provide you a full range of customizable functional training solutions with the minimum footprint.