SpinWall is Training Wall®’s clever, portable and compact device for inertial flywheel training

Inertial exercise is the newest concept in therapeutic and fitness exercise. The difference between inertial training and other forms of exercise is the way we work strength and speed according to inertial activation. This type of exercise can train both concentrically and eccentrically.

The SpinWall inertial device is a patented system that sets the momentum instantaneously for invaluable eccentric work. Momentum can be adapted for different people and exercises. SpinWall conveniently houses 2 adjustable weights that are positioned in the center of the wheel, offering different levels of intensity.

Moreover, its design allows you to be used without the Training Wall Panel System, so you can easily take away and fasten it in whatever place where you would like to train.

The SpinWall COMPACT is manufactured with the highest standards, using anodized aluminum, stainless-steel parts and all the pulleys have a high-quality double bearing, offering a smooth feeling.

The SpinWall Compact has 6 levels of intensity, from the minimum to the very hard resistance only suitable for the most demanding athletes.

14 kg

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SpinWall’s directional pulley allows 360-degree mobility, and the stainless steel Training Wall® anchor points and locking pin provide the safety and variety of exercise opportunities every facility needs.
As with all Training Wall® performance tools, the SpinWall can be securely positioned in every type of upper and lower panel and mounted and dismounted swiftly and smoothly.
Due to its dimensions, also is ready to take outside or easily move between panes.
It’s ready to be used without the Training Wall panels.

Spread the weights away from the axis to increase the intensity

Its patented system allows setting your appropriate momentum in a second