Intense cardiovascular work on demand. Choose the exercises that better fits with your goal


Strength work in any movement. Set the intensity properly and start pumping up!


A hard work of your range of movement with proper movement


Coordination, balance, strength, flexibility are developed with Training Wall. Really full condition!

Training Wall® is a concept that coordinates and balances simulstaneously working out of upper and lower extremities. This implies a powerful work out of the stabilizing muscles of the trunk to maintain proper body alignment at all times, but unlike other training systems, this work is produced in a state of decompression of the spine’s joints and no compression due to its permanent traction of the upper limb.
The system Training Wall® offers 100% functional work, from the sole of the foot, to the palm of the hand, through forearm muscles, stabilizers of the spine, abdo-men, hip muscles, glutes, etc… all the body must be in perfect harmony to perform the exercise properly.

Training Wall® considers the education of the trainers and members of a club a relevant element. For this, there is an available channel in Youtube® with different exercices classified depending of muscular group, sets of training, Tools used, etc…
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