Training Wall want to give the best solution for multi-training. The clubs and the trainers have a wide variety of type of clients, and you can not choose only one of them. Even one client change the way he trains during his life. Training Wall is the base for your training, whatever it is. Training Wall boost your creativity to make better sessions, more effectives, more funny and more profitable. Training Wall is always working to include new tools for you!

  • Interchangeable 100%
  • Creativity 100%
  • Results 100%
  • Profitable 100%

for speed training

Attach many others devices

for functional training

Combination of Tools

for group training

Configure your training zone starting with the selection of panels. Regardless of whether you use panels with grips, without grips, for storage etc … you will always have the anchor system available to swap all the available Tools.



Wall Unit


Wall Station


The Power Tools Training Wall will allow you to take your training to the highest level, without losing sight of high functionality of its elements. From Tools that allow high loads, to Tools that allow to create high inertia passing through others that are designed for speed training.



The body-mind tools will give us the possibility to perform a controlled and demanding work creating a pleasant and welcoming environment.



You can complete your training zone with the tools intended to store the material needed to achieve your goals.


Storage Solutions