Training Wall

Full functional in ZEROm2

The quick release anchor of the Training Wall® allows a fast change of the differents availables Tools, giving a strong attachment and security. They are built in stainless steel of 4mm thick and a pin prevents any misplacement by the user.

Training Wall® is concieved to install as many panels as you need, from a column of 2 to many panels together to perform group activities, it allows different personal trainers working at the same time or to leave differents Tools permanently placed for widespread use.

Training Wall® is provided with a template to make the installation easier and ensure the panels are perfectly fitted with the appropiate separations between them. This way Training Wall® is easy to install and provides a high quality finish.

Training Wall® considers the education of the trainers and members of a club a relevant element. For this, there is an available channel in Youtube® with different exercices classified depending of muscular group, sets of training, Tools used, etc…

Scan the following QR code to acces to the content or get in directly in Training Wall channel.

Choose the color that better fits with you. Feel confortable to give your best!

Safety is the first! Training Wall® has passed the requirements needs of EN- 913 and EN- 12346, tested through Applus Laboratories